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We are pleased to inform you that we provide consultancy services from LICENSED IMMIGRATION ADVISORS  for the below mentioned programs for New
Zealand, Canada and Australia.

New Zealand

*       Skilled Migrant
*       Work
*       Study
*       Business
*       Investor
*       Citizenship
*       Visitor
*       NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority).  This is a service provided by us to get international qualifications assessed and recognised
 for immigration purposes.
*       Registration of a candidate's profession with the relevant authorities in New Zealand


*       Federal Skilled Worker Class-Permanent residency
*       Federal Skilled Trades Class-Permanent residency
*       Federal Investor Program-Due to restart by Aug 01, 2013
*       Provincial Investor Nominee Programs-Permanent residency. Prince Edward Island-Business Impact
*       Foreign Students Federal-Temporary leading to work permits to permanent residency
*       Canadian Nursing Review-Advance and General. Study permits leading to work permit to permanent residency
*       Canadian Experience Class-Permanent residency
*       Family Class (spousal Marriages)-Enquiries accepted for applications inside and outside Canada
*       Quebec Skilled Worker Class-Permanent residency
*       Quebec Investor Program
*       Foreign Students Quebec-Temporary leading to work permits to permanent residency
*       Working Holiday Visa-Leading to permanent residency
*       Super Visa-Parents-Temporary leading to permanent residency
*       Temporary Visit Visas


*       General Skilled Migrants-Enquiries accepted
*       Investors-Enquiries accepted
*       457-Employer Sponsored Work Permit Visa. Enquiries accepted
*       Foreign Students-Enquiries accepted