Teklon Immigration Services was founded by Rashmi Dilip Ahuja, a graduate in English Literature from the University of Mumbai, India. Rashmi Dilip Ahuja moved from India to Dubai, UAE in 1985 and then on to Auckland, New Zealand in the year 2002. She has worked there with an Immigration Consultancy firm and has acquired 11 years of valuable experience in Auckland in processing immigration applications under various categories and helping people from all around the world with their applications. During this period she has acquired New Zealand citizenship and has been granted a license by the Immigration Advisors Authority of New Zealand to advice people on Immigration. She moved to Dubai in May 2013 and continues her profession of advising people from her office in Dubai of the possibilities that exist in seeking migration to New Zealand under various categories. She also provides advice on the endless opportunities that New Zealand offers to students to pursue various programs with reputable institutions in the country

Teklon Immigration Services is now grown into an international immigration organization with our head office located in Auckland ( New Zealand) and its branch office in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. We have our associate LICENSED partners offices in Canada and Australia. Our whole team of consultants have abundant years of experience and offer a wide range of immigration related services under various skilled, non-skilled and investor categories. We also offer opportunities to students who wish to study in top class and highly reputed institutions in these countries for a very wide range of programs. Some of these programs provide excellent pathways to permanent residencies. We also specialize in assisting people who wish to migrate under the Business and Investor categories and provide in depth information and knowledge of the process involved.

Free Assessment

For an initial assessment please email your detailed CV to rashmiahuja100@gmail.com.

If you are married, the CVs of both partners is required.

The CV’s should include the following information:

a) Name of the University/Institution from where the applicant is qualified.
b) Exact name of the degree/Diploma that the applicant has acquired.
c) Duration (no of years) that the candidate studied for the acquired degree.
d) Percentage of marks and grades acquired.
e) Age with birthdate.
f) No of years of work experience in each organization that the applicant has worked for.